January 1, 2018: a poem up in The American Journal of Poetry “free-write”

December 15, 2017: my poem, “Patchwork” read by Stuart Kestenbaum on Maine Public Radio series, “Poems from Here.”



On December 18, 2016 I had the satisfaction of seeing two of my poems appear in print. “Invitation” in the Maine Sunday Telegram’s “Deep Water” curated by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc. “Surfdancer” appeared in the Sun Journal. 

Radost CoverPraise for Radost, my red: 

In the words of poet Christopher Bursk (Author of The Boy with One Wing), Jeri Theriault’s new collection Radost, my red (Moon Pie Press, 2016) embodies “being alive in a world of suffering and mystery and beauty.” There are broken places that reach “deep/into the dark,” but there is also whimsy – Cinderella in a glass dress, Galatea making a fast escape. The poet explores desire and dream, loss and love, with a lively cast of female characters – aunts and a grandmother, a beloved teacher, Aphrodite and Barbie, Mrs. Robinson and Daphne. A love of language and a courageous resilience shine through these poems.

Betsy Sholl (author of Otherwise Unseeablewrites: Of the many pleasures in Jeri Theriault’s Radost, my red, perhaps the one I treasure most is her sense of language.   That element we use and misuse every day is reinvigorated in these poems, its beauty renewed and made palpable, as when she speaks of how the word banish “swishes like a skirt, its near-hiss a broom/whisking out the door.” Her English draws into its wide musical range the sounds of Eastern Europe, and the tonalities of her French Catholic childhood. In Theriault’s deft hands—or ears—this language once again makes us human, becomes a marvelous lens through which to view our humanity. She sees into the ironies and complexities of our cultural narratives, shows us afresh “the stews and steeps of seasons,” and takes us to those rich mysteries that deepen and enlarge our lives.

Published 2016 by Moon Pie Press.

Praise for In the Museum of Surrender  In_the_Museum_of_Surrender_Jeri_Theriault

Dennis Daly (Author of The Custom House) states in his review at Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene: “Generating strength from weakness tricks the gatekeepers of our fanciful lives, changes their logic, and opens a multiplicity of doors. Through the magic of her empowering poems Jeri Theriault explores where each of these archival doors leads and conveys both soul-searching wonderment and buffeting sadness. Her chapbook collection, In the Museum of Surrender, is well titled and chock full of antiquities and miscellany.”

 Gary Lawless (Co-owner, Gulf of Maine Books; author of Caribouddhism): “As we move through the museum of surrender-the rooms of loss, of grief, the poet gives us resilience, joy, and roots reaching ‘deep/into the dark’ … and we want to be there when she sings her songs of strength and beauty, songs of life, songs for the living.”

 Rhea Côté Robbins (Author of Down the Plains and Wednesday’s Child.): “Sit and listen, you can hear the wind blowing through the poems, longing. The future being drawn, defined. Doors close and the words become energy. A fox waits for your eyes to see. Renewal, rain cleansed, rejuvenation; resolve-a question and answer. Raw, rational, rationale. Dare to enter this world of sublime impressions.”

Winner of the 2013 chapbook contest at Encircle Publications.