I did this piece in Prince Edward Island, August, 2017.




Another PEI piece. I had a lot of fun with texture and blending.








I think of “Rosemary,” as praying or meditating, though the model (serene and looking down) was actually knitting.



Robert in the East











My portraiture collages are anchored in narrative. “Robert in the East” is a good example. The model’s decision to wear a turban inspired me to build a vaguely eastern city behind the figure.

















For the “cityscapes” I’ve gone searching for urban images.”Fractured City” originates from a 1970 National Geographic spread on Rome.



Fractured City


For the purely abstract pieces, I try to open myself to the suggestion of color and texture as I rip papers. Both the shape of the torn pieces and the negative space play a role in these collages. I name these abstractions when I see what emerges from my play.











red sun